New installation by Christian Jankowski at Villa Schöningen

Group exhibition with
Solo exhibition by
On view until
June 5, 2024
June 5, 2024
August 18, 2024
June 5, 2024
June 2024
Villa Schöningen
Potsdam, Germany

The ongoing exhibition at Villa Schöningen, titled Antikstübchen Nachwort, honours the Hamburg art collector, lawyer and entrepreneur Harald Falckenberg (1943–2023).

Christian Jankowski’s newly commissioned, expansive installation pays homage to Falckenberg’s legacy, exhibited alongside 45 works from the Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Falckenberg Collection. Including objects from the collector’s house and archive, a new series of light boxes complement these groups of objects and echo the aesthetic and style of junk stores. Advertising slogans are interwoven with Falckenberg’s text headings.

Antikstübchen Nachwort is on view until August 18, 2024.

Cover image: Christian Jankowski, AntikstübchenNachwort (House Clearance CounterCulture), 11 object groups with lightboxes, 2024. (c) Villa Schöningen. Photo by Sascha Hermann

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