The two partners behind Suprainfinit Gallery Suzanna Vasilescu and Cristina Vasilescu

SUPRAINFINIT gallery highlights conceptual art practices with a focus on Eastern and Central European artists, represents emerging and mid-career artists. Driven to support newly commissioned works and large-scale installations, the gallery is a key pillar in the cultural ecosystem in Bucharest. Having expanded its curatorial framework with Sequence – a vibrant vitrine project mostly dedicated to site-specific projects, the gallery seeks to engage in a multilayered approach to artistic contexts and contents. SUPRAINFINIT heralds the name of a plural and utopian universe created by artist collective Apparatus 22. The gallery was founded by Suzana Vasilescu in September 2015 and is co-directed with the Artistic Director of the gallery, Cristina Vasilescu.

MARIA PERSU, Assistant Curator

Wednesday - Saturday
12 pm - 6pm
and by appointment

22 Mantuleasa St
023962, Bucharest

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