Matei Dumitriu in group exhibition at Polansky Gallery

Group exhibition with
Solo exhibition by
On view until
May 28, 2024
May 28, 2024
July 13, 2024
May 28, 2024
May 2024
Polansky Gallery
Prague, Czech Republic

We are happy to announce our artist Matei Dumitriu's participation in the group show S L U G G I S H N E S S, at Polansky Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic, alongside other emerging artists based in Bucharest or Cluj–Sasha Robert Bandi, Megan Dominescu, Luca Florian, and Adela Giurgiu. Curated by Šimon Sýkora and with a text by Daniela Custrin, the show is on view until mid-July.

Excerpt from Daniela Custrin's text Sluggishness:

"...since meme trends became common language, Matei Dumitriu finds inspiration in internet-based visual information found on mainstream websites, looking on intrinsic poetic quality found in random visual content. His works in the exhibition feature subjects with whimsical yet unsettling expressions, such as skeletons and blurry figures that are nervously, unstoppably grinning, as if caught in a freeze response to the absurdity of their situations." (excerpt from Daniela Custrin's text Slugghishness

Photo documentation by Jan Kolsky

Cover image: Matei Dumitriu, Mmmcolor, 2023, oil on canvas, 85 x 100 cm

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