Daria Koltsova: The Road to Poetry in Wartime opens today, October 25 in Timisoara, Romania

Group exhibition with
Solo exhibition by
On view until
October 25, 2023
October 25, 2023
November 25, 2023
October 25, 2023
October 2023
Isho D Space
Take Ionescu 46C, Timisoara, Romania

It gives us great pleasure to announce the opening of artist Daria Koltsova's solo exhibition The Road to Poetry in Wartime, happening today, October 25th, in Timisoara, Romania. This is the third solo exhibition of Koltsova to open in Timisoara this autumn, following presentations at the French Institute and Cazarma U.

An artist talk will also take place Thursday, October 26 at the French Institute in Timisoara, in the presence of the artist and accompanied by Tilla Rudel and Ami Barak.

"Memory, displacement, silenced bodies, and the ambiguous relationship of protection-fragility are some of the topics addressed by Daria Koltsova in the works she is currently presenting across three different venues in Timisoara. Similar motifs recur from one exhibition to the other, carrying the artist’s personal way of dealing with the trauma of war in her country, Ukraine, and adding it to the next. The artist’s memories stretches an unlimited ray of light, diluting constantly in her head yet wanting to manifest as visibly as possible. On the verge of destruction caused by the war, the artist creates and thus reveals multiple possibilities of resilience and hope.

A thread of six works realised between 2022 and 2023 are signifiers of change, and of the merging between collective and individual memories. In spite of all the shattered hopes that happen with all the shattering of walls and windows, Daria Koltsova weaves together the potentials of art. Many of the artworks embed differing psychological levels that the artist undergoes, thus streams of emotion courageously surface out.

Whereas the artist questions the power of art in the face of war, her way to live through the trauma is by making art. Along this healing process, the viewer issometimes invited to reflect on the agony it equally generates. Ultimately, art infuses gestures of solidarity, clearly denoted in the Theory of Protection project, solidarity representing an essential aspect in the collective mediation and production of this artwork. Inhale, exhale, leave your body to get in touch with a universal empathy, co-shared memory and collective resilience. Walk through the three exhibitionsthinking of the possibility of creation within destruction and how art could soothe the pain of loss." – Text by Cristina Vasilescu

Exhibition curated by Ami Barak

Financed by Centrul de Proiecte Timisoara, AFCN

Organised by Art Encounters

Partners: Isho, SUPRAINFINIT Gallery, l’Institut Français de
Roumanie à Timisoara

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