the simple life, the still.))
Currently on view

the simple life, the still.))

Curated by
Nilz Källgren and Cristina Vasilescu
On view until
March 1, 2023
March 1, 2023
March 18, 2023
Suprainfinit gallery

Suprainfinit presents the opening of the simple life, the still.)), featuring artists Christophe De Rohan Chabot, Mati Jhurry, Nilz Källgren, Jina Shin, Wilf Speller and Klara Zetterholm. The exhibition sees our former solo presentation diluted into a group exhibition that explores the dread of contemporary stimuli, genuine desires to escape and the pop-cultural cliché of "the simple life."

Attempts to withdraw from contemporary society, and its culture of self realisation as an endless project, have masochistic repercussions. Longings for an "escape from society" are instead fed back to us as easily digestible forms of entertainment such as reality TV and arena-pop – the consumption of which can only be considered relapse, leaving a yearning for more – of both evasion of stimuli, and stimuli itself. the simple life, the still.)) is at once dissolved and multiplied through the gallery’s concurrent presentations. Through the act of addition, skins peel off towards a feverish dream – situated somewhere between a collective becoming and complete alienation.

The opening night will feature live acts by local musicians IIOANA and Esosu, starting at 8 pm.

This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014-2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme

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Exhibition views

Jina Shin, The skin of a tree <series 1>, 2023, natural latex, dimensions variable
Jina Shin, The skin of a tree <series 1>, 2023, natural latex, dimensions variable
Wilf Speller, no life (after 007craft), print on aluminium dibond, 85 x 7.5 cm
Klara Zetterholm, La Survivante, 2022, synthetic clay, plaster, styrofoam, acrylics, 52x25 cm
Klara Zetterholm, Fivefingers, 2020, plexiglass mannequin, synthetic clay, wig, fur, baby doll, textiles, vibram shoes, styrofoam, acrylics, 138 x 67 x 39 cm
Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Untitled* (Bloodied + Foley.jpg), 2017, digital print mounted on aluminium/plexiglas, 40 x 30 cm
Mati Jhurry, gluten-free shrine, 2023, gluten-free flour, water, yeast, heat
Klara Zetterholm, Orgy, synthetic clay, acrylics and varnish on plywood, 90 x 81 cm

Works shown