landscape of objects becoming an eye
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landscape of objects becoming an eye

Curated by
Cristina Vasilescu
On view until
May 18, 2022
May 18, 2022
June 18, 2022
Suprainfinit gallery

We are delighted to announce “landscape of objects becoming an eye”, mountaincutters’ first solo exhibition at Suprainfinit gallery. The show entails a mix of new and existing works that are reconfigured in the gallery space as fluid and processual large-scale, fragmented installations.

The artist’s duo practice inquires into the nature–technology binomial through a series of hybrid concepts situated between geology, landscape, and gesture. The exhibition highlights new works that revive existing ones, echoing a seemingly archeological and personal landscape. Materials such as steel, ceramic, brass, glass, or rotted textile coagulate imperfect shapes, absent bodies, and organic prostheses. Permeating an arte povera tendency, the sculptures embody a dissolution of the matter as it occurs in the current object–capital.

Employing hybrid attitudes and forms, mountaincutters contaminate the spaces they exhibit in and germinate not only meanings and material compositions but also a sense of doubt and nostalgia. Their installations open up portals for the past and future to swirl together, inviting the viewers to continue the artists’ process of alteration and transformation of the objects, materials, and the corporeal dimension.


mountaincutters is a hybrid identity, an artist duo born in 1990 and currently based in Brussels. Graduating from ESADMM (Marseille) in 2014, their main practice unfolds site-specific sculpture and installations. Between 2016 and 2017, they had exhibitions and residencies in France and Belgium (STRT KIT, Air Antwerpen, Studio Start, Extra-City Kunsthal in Antwerp, 61st Salon de Montrouge in Paris, CAB Foundation in Brussels). In 2018, at the invitation of Guillaume Désanges, they developed their first solo show in a French Institution, the SPOLIA project, as artists and co-curators, at the Grand Café Art Centre in Saint-Nazaire. In 2019, they had solo exhibitions in the Centre Céramique Contemporain La Borne (FR), and also at the Creux de l‘Enfer Art Centre in Thiers (FR), exploring the porosity between industrial reminiscences, geology, and labour. They were nominated for the Aica Prize, the Prix des Amis du Palais de Tokyo, and were the laureate of the Region Sud prize during Art-O-Rama in Marseille. In 2020, they did research on glass and ceramics during a residency at La Fondation Martell in Cognac (FR), and participated in the Biennale Miroirs #3, Parc Enghien (BE). In 2021, they had their first solo exhibition in Belgium at La Verrière - Fondation Hermès, in Brussels; at Art-O-Rama for the Region Sud Prize, at the MAGMA Triennial (BE), and at the Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, for the Young Artist Fund. The work presented was subsequently acquired by the Flemish Institute and is now part of the Middelheim Museum‘s collection.

The exhibition was supported by IFRo (Institutul Francez din Romania) and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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